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Hello, Energy Innovators! 

Welcome to the first version of's Funding Simulator. We've designed a straightforward tool to help you get a sense of your project's financial landscape. Here's how it works:

  1. Energy Development Data: Start by inputting some basics about your project, like the type of energy, its scale, operational costs, and projected output. This step lays the groundwork for the rest of the simulation.

  2. RECIV's Fee: Once you've got your project details in, you can get an idea of our fee structure. It's a simple breakdown that shows how our fees might fit into your project's overall financial picture.

  3. Investment Data: Using the information from the previous steps, you can now input potential investment figures, get a rough idea of ROI, and see a basic break-even analysis. It's a starting point to help you visualize your project's financial trajectory.

Please note, each step builds on the previous one, so it's best to go in order. Give it a try, and get an initial glimpse into your project's financials. We're excited to hear your feedback and improve further!

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