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Renewable Energy

A community-powered movement

Paving the way for RECIV

​​RECIV is the result of a vision to make renewable energy investments simpler and easier for everyone. Jonathan Salem and Keren Nikolaevsky met in 2020. Their shared passion for renewable energies led them to found "The Green Tribe Association", an association to promote environmental awareness.


The Founders

Jonathan is a team leader with a passion for sustainable operations & management, and 7 years experience as a senior solar energy specialist.

Keren’s background is in marketing and branding as a project manager with extensive experience in managing digital communities.

Tamir, our CTO, is the technical dynamo behind RECIV. With a distinguished tenure as the Head of Data Science in the Israeli Air Force, he's honed his skills in developing AI-driven solutions. 


Challenges & Opportunities

While working in the solar industry, Jonathan noticed that investing was a complex process and relatively inaccessible to the general public. You either had to own land or a large rooftop, which was difficult while living in the center of Tel Aviv, or invest in stocks, which meant investing in the success of the company and the stock market, rather than the energy itself.

A stable and high-impact investment model was needed.


A game-changer in Renewable energy
investments & funding

With Jonathan's expertise in solar energy, Keren's proficiency in communications, and Tamir's accomplishments in AI, their collective insight into the needs of Energy Developers and Investors uniquely positions RECIV to transform the renewable energy investment landscape.

Our platform heralds a new era in renewable investments, bridging companies and the public sector with energy ventures, and refining the digital process for enhanced efficiency and transparency

Meet the Founders


Jonathan Salem, CEO & Founder

"Lead with purpose, and let sustainability be your compass"

Jonathan is a team leader and an expert in sustainable operations and management. He was also a founding member of “The Green Tribe Association,” an organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness. He has extensive experience as a senior solar energy specialist, having worked for over 7 years in the solar industry in Australia and Israel. With a thorough understanding of ESG principles and the political and social context in which they operate, Jonathan has a strong foundation for his work. He holds a BA in Sustainability and Political Science. 

Keren Nikolaevsky, CMO & Founder

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary"

Keren is the marketing and branding project manager with great experience in managing digital communities. She is also a founder of the “Green Tribe” association, an organization dedicated to promoting environmental awareness. With a strong focus on social and environmental impact, she uses her skills to make a positive difference in the world. Keren is also a lecturer and speaker, sharing her knowledge and insights with others. She is currently a BA student in communications, specializing in digital influence and perception. 


Tamir Shoresh, CTO & Founder

Tamir is a experienced engineer with a specialization in AI development. Holding a BSc in electrical engineering and an MSc in intelligent system engineering, he leverages his expertise to lead technological advancements within our company. Passionate about environmental sustainability, Tamir believes in utilizing technology to drive positive change. With a strong engineering foundation, he envisions and implements innovative solutions to contribute towards a more sustainable future

"It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen"

Meet Our Advisors

Ofer Haiat,
Energy Financial Expert

Chief Financial Officer EU Operations at Doral, an expert at Project financing, M&A's , international tax restructring, risk management, well connected with financial sources , IPO support.

Shai Baaton,
Energy Investment Expert

Financing and M&A advisor to Renewable Energy companies. Licensed CPA with an entrepreneurial background. Holds a B.An in Economics and Accounting from BGU.

Erez Maharal,
RegTech Expert

Founder and owner of SwissInfoCloud by Doc Infosafe (Israel), IT consulting and software development. Development of Platforma365 AML KYC/KYB platform, MSc in Theoretical Physics.


Omer Finger,
Software Engineering Expert

Software Development Team Lear at Mamram, Full stock developer, R&D team leader at oligo (security startup), (B.Sc.) Computer Science.

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